Lovett Artillery Collection's

German Foot & Field Artillery Related Equipment

(Differing Opinions Are Weclomed on the Operation of these Instruments)

Target Acquisition

Associated Systems




Non-Recoil Piece Fortification Sights

Foot & Field Artillery Howitzer Panoramic Sight(0-6400)

7,7cm lFK Field Artillery Gunner’s Quadrant

German Quadrant for Export Guns

15cm R.K. Handheld Range Drum

10cm Kanone Fuze Setter

German Field and Foot Artillery Transparent Plotting Device

German Field Artillery and Foot Artillery Conversion Scale

German Artillery Range Deflection Protractor


German 7,7cm lFK 96 n/A Sightmount

Meteorological Equipment

WW2 Era R.K. 31 

WW2 Era R.K. 40  



10,5cm lFH



15cm sFH

Notes on German Shells
May 1916 (British Intelligence)

Die Kriegsmunition der Schweren Artillerie

(Color Plates Only)







Mess Call! Dinner is Being Served!
Gunnery Items
Horse Number 8

How Artillery works as a system





Inter-War Period

Now where have my Cannon Gone?

Foot Artillery Units By Weapon Type: AUG 1914 & OCT 1918

How they work:

Aiming Circle

Range Drum


Horse Artillery

(British Army, King's Troop)

Zeichnungen des Königl. Preußischen Artillerie-Materials1842

This is a Prussian Artillery Work that is from the 1840s. Many of the related items such as some of the horse tack was still in use as late as 1918

Königl. Preußischen Artillerie-Materials - Train und Truppen - Fahrzeuge 1860

This is a Prussian Artillery/Horse DrawnTrains Work that is from the 1860s

Königl. Preußischen Artillerie-Materials -Festungs - und Belagerungs - Artillerie - Maschinen

This is Prussian Artillery in Fortificationsin the 1840s - 1860s


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