German Artillery

12cm Kanone Handheld Range Drum

Above:  This is a very unusual Range Drum. Most are permanently attached to the gun.  This one is removable and is placed on the face of the breech-ring rather like a gunner's quadrant. While comparing this range drum with another very similar one for the 15cm RK, I now believe that the mechanism for this drum is reversed

Link to the s. 15cm. R.K. handheld range drum

Above:  As the drum is moved to indicated gun to target range, the rectangular brass vile bubble mount moves up and down.  With the range drum placed on the breech-ring the barrel is elevated until this vile bubble is level.  At this elevation the projectile will achieve the range on the indicator when the piece is fired


Below:  This is a 12cm Kanone with its crew.  Notice that the NCO on the far left is holding a range drum of this type

Below:  12cm. Kanone and crew.  The indirect fire sight is fitted onto the breech-ring in this photograph

 Link to see a more convential range drum

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