Fortification Sight

Below: 12cm Howitzer front sight (left) and rear sight (right)

This type of sight was used in Siege and fortification operations. An iron marker was nailed to a fixed firing platform. The numbers on the front and rear sight were noted once the piece was laid. After each firing the crew would drag the piece to these same coordinates.

Below: Rear Fortification Sight for the 9cm C/64 Kanone.

The two above examples are from weapons that were not in general service as late as 1914 but this same style sight was generally fitted to all the older non recoil guns and howitzers. This general type of sight was still in service with non-recoil pieces in the WW1 Era. however, it appears from photographs of the period that most units had removed these older sights and simply used the new "dial" type sight seen on the 15cm sFH "02 and the second pattern sight for the 15cm sFH "93.

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