WW2 Era German Artillery Saddle & Harnessing


M1926 Saddle with the WW2 German Artillery Harness


M1926 Saddle and Artillery Harness


Front View


Rear View


Below: Saddles and harness for the full six horse team

Below: WW2 Era Austrian saddle used along with German M 1925 saddles

Below: Front view of the six horse team saddles and harness

Below: View from the wheel team

Below: German WW2 Artillery Team

Below: German WW2 Wheel Horse Team pulling a 7,5cm IG 18

WW2 German Horse Team with a 7,5cm IG18



Below: WW2 German Wagon and Horse Team. Notice that the harness is basically the same but with only one soldier controlling the horse team from the wagon not ridding the left hand side horse as with artillery teams.

WW2 German Wagon and Horse Team

Parts for 10,5cm lFH 18M

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