Bavarian Field Artillery and Trains Bayonet 1892

Above and Below: The Bavarian Artillery Bayonet 1892 or Bayern Artillerie Seitengewehr 92 is not really a bayonet at all but is instead a short sword and like the Prussian Flaschinenmesser 1864. Both had no means of attaching to a rifle




Below:  The hilt is marked:  6.A.E.2.194.  which is 6th Feldartillerie Regiments, 2nd Ezsatz-Batterie, item number 194, and the scabbard is marked:  10.A.6.66. which is 10th Feldartillerie Regiment, 6th Batterie, item number 66




Below:  A comparison photo between the Bavarian Artillery short sword 1892 and the Prussian Artillery short sword 1864





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