German Cavalry Boots


German Cavalry Boots are the issue boots for enlisted men of the Cavalry, Field Artillery and Train Troops. Based on photographs, this boot type must also have been worn by Foot Artillery draft horse team drivers. This is not the pattern generally issued to the Cuirassier, Hussar, Jaeger Zu Pferde and Schweren Reiter. These branches had their own boot types. These boots are 57cm in height and have a line of distinctive horizontal stitching several centimeters above the ankle.

This pair has been fitted with hobnails. Even though this does not seem to be universal, original photographs do show some mounted troops wearing this boot type with hobnails. The Bavarian version of these boots had a leather loop just above the heal to better support the spurs. The pair I have does not have this feature so apparently they are the German/Prussian issue pattern.

Below: An orginal photograph of a German Field Artilleryman wearing the Cavalry Boot

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