WW1 Era German Army Bit & Bridle

Bit & Bridle

Above & Below is a German WW1 Era Bridle (bit-and-bridoon style) with both a nickel steel curb bit and a snaffle bit.  The bridle is marked to a German Army Corp and has a 1917 date. It is not the standard M 1888 or Halter 1893 commonly seen in the manuals. It is the Zaumzeug 16 (Bridle 1916)

Bit & Bridle

In the two bottom photographs you see the which in this example is made of a brighter nickel steel and the “S-Kandare” or S-Bit.  The S-Bit was more commonly seen in service but many photographs of the WW1 Period show the older still in use

Bit & Bridle Bit & Bridle

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