Ottoman Foot Artillery Panoramic Sight

Above: This is a German Goertz manufactured panoramic sight for Foot Artillery with a 0-5760 scale, which places it between 1893 and 1916. Further the panoramic scope did not come out until 1913 so there is a very narrow three years of production of this exact type. The only difference is that the numbers are in modern Arabian-Indic style script (these are not Arabic Numbers as Western countries now use)

Below: On the right is an example of a German Foot Artillery 21cm panoramic sight with a 0-5760 scale in Western European style-old Arabic numerical script and to the left is the Ottoman Foot Artillery panoramic sight with the same 0-5760 scale in modern Arabic-Indic numerical script

Below: Close up of the modern Arabic numerical script 0-5760 scale for Foot Artillery service


1st Row: Arabic Numerals used by Europeans

2nd Row: Arabic-Indic Numerals currently used by Arab Nations and the old Ottoman Empire

(Note there are also Eastern-Arabic-Indic Numerals used by Persia/Iran)


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