Goertz Range Finder

The Goertz Range Finder was most often used by Air Defense "Flak Artillery" units.

Range Finder Range Finder
Range Finder Range Finder

These are two views of the sight picture looking through trees at a tower. Notice the Right has a center layer like view that is not aligned with the vertical line of the red tower. The Left shows the red tower now aligned within the "layer". This is accomplished by moving the range dial. Once you have vertical alignment, read the "range to target "on the display (see the very bottom photograph). 

sight picture sight picture
Goertz Range Finder Veiw Goertz Range Finder Veiw

A: Looking at a Tower through the Goertz Range Finder with the range improperly set.

B: Looking at the same tower after adjusting the range dial until the center segment is aligned to the top and bottom of the tower. Once this correctly adjusted, look over to the range scale indicator to the right side of the scope. This figure is the range to the target from your position.


Below is the display for the range to target reading.

Range Reading

Below: Two photos of the Range Finder in the box.

Goertz Range Finder in the box
Range Finder with the box open


Below: A German Anti-Aircraft Artillery (Flak) 7,7cm lFK “96 in an improvised 360 degree mount.  The officer is using a Goertz Range Finder much like the one in the Lovett Collection to obtain the range to enemy aircraft.

Goertz Range Finder with a 7,7cm lFK 96 in an ADA unit

Below: A US Army WW1 Era cartoon.  A soldier worried about the wrong king of “range” finder.

Range Finder Comic

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