German Field and Foot Artillery in the Lovett Collection 


  7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1896 n/A (1896 date) 

7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1896 n/A (1917 date) 

7,7cm leichte Feld Kanone (l.F.K.) 1916 

7,7cm lFK 1896 Limber (Protze) 

10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze (l.F.H.) 1898/09

 10,5cm leichte Feld Haubitze (l.F.H.) 1916 

10,5cm lFH Limber 1898 (Protze) 

10,5cm lFH Limber (Protze) Second Example


 9cm. C/ 1873 Kanone

  9cm. C/73/88 Limber Project 

 10cm Kanone 1917

  15cm schwere Feld Haubitze (s.F.H.) 1893 

 15cm s.F.H. 1902 (1909 date) 

 15cm s.F.H. 1902 (1917 date) 

 15cm s.F.H. 1913 

 15cm lg.s.F.H. 1913/02 

WWII Era German Artillery

 10,5cm leFH18M 

10,5cm leFH18M (Second Example)

 German WW2 Era Hf.13 Gulashkanone

 German Artillery Related Support Equipment

German Naval Guns

Imperial German Navy 8,8cm S.K. L/30 

Captured Artillery in German Service 

French 75mm mle/1897 

French 75mm mle/1897 Limber 

 Imperial Russian 107mm 1877 42 Line Gun  

German Manufactured Export Artillery 

7,5cm Gebirg Kanone L/13  (Chilean)

7,5cm leichte Feldkanone (Export Type)   

 Research on German WW1 Era Artillery

 German Development of the 10cm Kanone (10cm Heavy Cannon) 

German Development of the 15cm. s.F.H. (Heavy Field Howitzer)

German Anti-Tank Guns 

3,7cm PAK 1936

7,5cm PAK 1940 

Drawings to Identify German Field Artillery

Drawings to Identify German Foot Artillery 

Imperial German Army Uniform Collection 

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