7,5cm. Gebirg Kanone L/13         

7,5cm Gebirg Kanone L/13 (Krupp Mountain Gun)

This Mountain Gun (7,5cm Gebirg Kanone L/13 (Krupp Mountain Gun)) was produced in Germany by Fried. Krupp in 1891 for the Chilean Army. Similar pieces were supplied to the Ottoman Empire and the German Colonies. This type of small Mountain Gun was disassembled and transported on mules or horses in rough terrain.

7,5cm. G.K. L/13

7,5cm GK L/13


Breech of the 7,5cm GK

Direct fire sight for the mountain gun mounted into the breech ring.   A similar sight is also used on the 9cm C/73 for direct fire.  The elevation gear is also evident in this photo.

Close Up of the Breech

A Close Up of the Breech for the 7,5cm


The Krupp Company Book on Export Artillery 1892

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