8,8cm. Schnellade Kanone L/30         

Ralph and Leon Lovett with 8,8cm. Schnellfeuer Kanone L/30

Above: Ralph and Leon Lovett fire the 1891 dated 8,8cm. S.K. L/30 on its one hundredth birth-year

The 8,8cm S.K. L/30 is a German Naval gun produced by Fried. Krupp in 1891.  These weapons were obsolete by the WW1 Era but were still in limited service with German Auxiliary Cruisers and Coastal Fortifications.  It seems very likely this piece came from the Auxiliary Raider Kronprinz Wilhelm.  In this type of service, the gunner's seat and shield were often removed, as is so with our 8,8cm.

Two guns carried onboard the SMS Königsberg were of this same type.  They were also to go to a German Merchant Ship but the SMS Königsberg was disabled in German East Africa's Rufiji River Delta.  These guns were then recovered along with the 10,5cm guns from the ship itself for field use by the Colonial German Troops.  One of these German East African field modified 8,8cm S.K. L/30 still exist.  See this link for the article by MC Heunis and Vincent Wratten. See the article titled " SMS Königsberg 10.5cm Guns"

Leon and Ralph Lovett firing the 8,8cm. Schnellfeuer Kanone L/30

Above: Another photograph of Leon and Ralph Lovett firing the 8,8cm. S.K. L/30 in reproduction Kaiserliche Marine Uniforms

Above: 8,8cm. S.K. L/30 crew of the German Raider Kronprinz Wilhelm in Newport News, Virginia, USA around May 1915

Above: Original photograph of an 8,8cm. S.K. L/30 with the shield and gunner's seat pictured with its crew in winter uniforms

Above: An 8,8cm. S.K. L/30 and crewman onboard the gunboat S.M.S. Jaguar

Above:  German Navy High Explosive 8,8cm Spgr. L/28 (Iz.) projectile and shell case for the 8,8cm S.K. L/30 and the 8,8cm S.K. L/35.  This is a “fixed” shell case and projectile.  I am only displaying them separate from one another

Above:  Detail of the shell case base dated 1899

Above:  German Navy High Explosive 8,8cm Spgr. L/28 (Iz.) projectile.  The top of the projectile is not completely screwed in

Above:  Detail of the base of the 8,8cm Spgr. L/28 (Iz.) projectile

Above:  The “Kp” for Krupp on the nose of the projectile


We are looking for the direct fire sight for the 8,8cm. S.K. L/30. If you have one for sale or trade please contact lovett155@hotmail.com

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