10,5 cm. leichte Feld Haubitze (l.F.H.) 1916

(not restored)      

The 10,5cm. l.F.H. 1916 in the photograph above is marked to G.M.A. which may be the manufacturing firm Görlitzer Maschinenbauanstalt und Eisengießerei or possibly Grusonwerk in Magdeburg.

The10,5cm. light Field Howitzer 1916 was the replacement for the 10,5cm. l.F.H.1898/09.  It has the same carriage but a longer barrel than the “98/09.  The piece also closely resembles the 7,7cm. l.F.K.”16 because the same carriage is used.  The l.F.H.”16 served from the middle of World War 1 through the Weimar Republic and also throughout WW2.  In WW1 it was found in German and Ottoman Turkish Field Artillery units.  In WW2 it was primarily seen in German Alpine Divisions.

  One interesting note for the 1.F.H.”16 is that a piece of this type was Kemal Atatürk’s Funeral Gun.  This howitzer and its limber can still be seen at Atatürk’s Mausoleum in Ankara, Turkey.

In Weimar and Third Reich German service the 10,5cm was transported with the same limber as in WW1 but the horse harnessing and driver saddles were different.

Below: Orginal photograph of a 10,5cm lFH 1916 with crew.

Below: An original photograph showing two batteries of 10,5cm lFH 16s with limbers and horse teams in either the Weimar or Third Reich period.10,5cm lFH 1916 with the Limber and horse team

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