Allied Artillery from the USA, France, and Russia within the Lovett Collection

     US 10 pounder Parrott Rifle

 US 3-inch Ordnance Rifle

US 2 pounder Woodruff Gun

 US 3.2-inch M1885 Field Gun

 US 3.2-inch M1885 Limber

French 75mm mle/1897 Field Gun

 French 75mm mle/97 Limber

 US 75mm M1918 Caisson for the French 75mm

US 75mm M1918 Caisson-Limber for the French 75mm

US Escort Wagon, WW1 Era 

French Export Artillery

 70mm Saint Chamond Mountain Cannon 

Imperial Russian Artillery

107mm M1877 42 Line Gun 

Reseach on Allied Artillery Subjects 

 French and US Artillery Related Support Equipment

 Research on US Camouflage in the WW1 Era

Allied Horse Drawn Equipment Identification Drawings 


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