70mm Saint Chamond Mountain Howitzer Model 1913 

These two pieces are in excellent condition and are ATF registered in the USA. They are fitted with interrupted screw breeches. Although these were produced prior to World War I in France, they were exported to Belgium Colonial Forces operating in Congo, the Republic of Guatemala, and Mexico. The howitzers exported to Mexico and  Guatemala have a different style of breech than the ones sent to Congo.  Both of the Saint Chamond howitzer in the Lovett Collection are interupted screw breech systems exported to Mexico or Guatemala 

Above: This 70mm Saint Chamond 1913 howitzer has Republic of Guatemala marks



70mm St Chamond Mountain Howitzer 1913

70mm St. Chamond Mountain Howiters

70mm St. Chamond Mountain Howitzer 1913 breech

70mm St. Chamond in the Belgium Congo

This is an orginal photograph of a 70mm St. Chamond in Belgium Congo Colonial Service in the World War 1 Era. The shield seen in this photo was often removed in the field.

70mm Howitzer Barrel mounted on a pack mule 70mm cradle mounted on a pack mule
70mm carriage mounted on a pack mule 70mm Howitzer wheels and shield mounted on a pack mule


70mm Howitzer in pack loads 70mm pulled by a single mule

Above and below:  The Congo export 70mm Saint Chamond 

70mm St. Chamond with a different breech


Above and below: The 70mm Saint Chmond mle/1913 in Mexican service (photos from Luis Eduardo Gonzalez)  

Below:  Image of the interupted scew breech used on the Mexican and  Republic of Guatemala export 70mm Saint Chamond mountain howitzers


I am looking for  sights and original shell cases/projectiles for the 70mm St. Chamond. If you have these for sale or trade please contact lovett155@hotmail.com


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