Art and Architecture in the Lovett Collection 

Bavarian Uhlan Painting by Max Pitzner (1855-1912) 

 Prussian/Hanoverian Uhlan Pursuing a French Hussar in the Franco-Prussian War by Gustav Wie

 Prussian Hussar Officer Painting, Hussar Regiment 6 (Graf Goetzen, 2nd Schlesisches) by Alfred Stöcke

 Third Reich Era Horse Drawn Limber and Caisson by Andreas Kurt Striegler (1887-1956)

 Painting of Foot Artillery Officer Paul Murzel

 Bavarian 3rd Field Artillery Regimental Officer’s Album

 US Doughboy Statue

 W.H. Lovett and Roxie Louise Lovett Paintings dated 1935 by Verner Lyton

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