Painting of an Officer from Prussian Hussar Regiment 6 (Graf Goetzen, 2nd Schlesisches) by Alfred Stöcke         

Above and Below: This is a fairly large oil painting (120.5cm x 90.5cm) dated 1917 by Alfred Stöcke (1860-1948 Berlin). It depicts a Prussian Hussar of company grade from Hussar Regiment Number 6, Graf Goetzen (2nd Schlesisches). Both the uniform of the officer and the bridle of his horse correspond to Hussar Regiment 6. So far, I have been unable to identify the officer. If you have additional information about this painting, please contact me at: LOVETT155@HOTMAIL.COM

Above and Below: Many of Alfred Stöcke other works also depict equestrian related subjects  

Above and Below:   When I bought the painting in Germany in 2022, it was damaged. There had been a prior attempt to clean the surface and it left marks in the clouds surrounding the image of the rider. I had the painting professionally restored and framed in Falls Church, VA 

Above: Close up view of the horse bridle for the Hussar Regiment 6 Officer. The fittings are gold and the throat latch has a gold crescent moon like device hanging from it. These features are indicative of Hussar Regt. 6 

  Above:  A close up of the Jagdterrier (German Hunting Terrier) in the lower right of the painting, Stöcke’s signature, and the 1917 date  

Above: Detail of the village in the background of the Alfred Stöcke painting  

  It is an interesting note that the well-known painter, Wilhelm Gallhof was also a company grade officer in Hussar Regiment 6 and was later killed after his transfer to Munitions Column of 9 Battery, Reserve Foot Artillery Regiment 3 in 1918. It would certainly be interesting to know if there was a connection between the young officer in this painting, Wilhelm Gallhof, and Alfred Stöcke. It also begs the question, could this possibly be a painting of Wilhelm Gallhof painted by Alfred Stöcke? Again, if you have more information about this painting or the identity of the officer please contact me at: LOVETT155@HOTMAIL.COM

Below:  Casualty Roster for the 6th Hussar Regiment. Notice that Lieutenant Gallhof was transferred to the Munitions Column of the 9th Battery, Reserve Foot Artillery just before his death in 28 May 1918.  Even if the painting is not of Wilhem Gallhof, being the same rank in the same regiment, they would have known each other. This is the link to the web page with the 6th Husar Casualty Roster:

Above and Below:  Different views with outdoor lighting 

Above and Below:  The officer's hat has a dark green crown, red band, and yellow piping for the 6th Hussars.  The Undress Tunic is dark green with yellow braid also for the 6th hussars.  The pants have gold braid that is correct for Hussar Regiment 6      

Above and Below: The bridle for the 6th hussar regiment has gold fitting.   A small gold cresent moon shaped orniment on the throat latch can just be made out hanging from a strap under the horse's jaw and throat.  The only other hussar regiment this offcier could be from is the 11th Hussars but their horses had silver fittings and a dark fur plume hanging from their horses bridle              


  It might be a coincidence, but I found that a reasonably well known painter, Wilhelm Gallhof, was also in the 6th Hussars in the same timeframe as this painting is dated.  Gallhof was a lieutenant, the same rank, and about the same age (40) as the subject of this painting .

Gallhof is mentioned on this list of 6th Hussar casualties for the year after my painting was created (1918), when he transferred to the Foot Artillery. Gallhof is not the not the artist that painted the one I have, it was Alfred Stöcke. However, I cannot help but wonder if there is some connection there. Going on the theory that maybe someone with an appreciation of art and oil paintings had a freind paint one of him in uniform on horseback. So far, I have been unable to find an image of Gallhof, but he was quite a good painter. That said, much of his work was considered almost pornographic during the era

I am looking for more information about this painting by Alfred Stöcke.    If you have anything you can share about this painting please contact me at:  LOVETT155@HOTMAIL.COM    

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