Third Reich Era Horse Drawn Limber and Caisson by Andreas Kurt Striegler (1887-1956) 

Above and Below:  The painting by Andreas Kurt Striegler has been known as "Bespannte Einheit auf dem Vormarsch" or "Horse-drawn unit on the march" in English  

Andreas Curt Striegler was born in 1887 in Mügeln. Sometimes his middle name appears as “Curt” sometimes as “Kurt”. He studied from 1904-08 at the Academy Leipzig and then spent 1908-09 in Brussels and 1909-14 in Munich. Andreas was a master student of Henry of Reins 

 Above: AC Striegler signature in the corner of the painting

The painting illustrates a caisson and limber drawn by a team of four horses struggling to top a muddy hill. The crew is dismounted and helps push from the caisson. A single rider mounted on the left wheel team horse drives the four horse team forward using a riding crop. This is not a typical method. Normally there would be riders on each of the left side horses. The painting is displayed along side a 10,5cm lFH 98 Limber much like that illustrated in the painting.  If you have additional information about the painting or the artist please contact me at:  LOVETT155@HOTMAIL.COM 

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