Artillery & Anti-Tank Restorations


Imperial German Foot Artillery
15cm schwere Feld Haubitze (s.F.H. 1893)
15cm s.F.H. 1902 (1909) 15cm s.F.H. 1902 (1917)      
15cm lg.s.F.H. 1913/02           
10cm Kanone 1917

German Manufactured (Krupp) Mountain Gun
7,5cm Mountain Canon L/13 (1891) with Chilean national marks

Imperial German Naval Gun
8,8cm S.K. L/30 (1891)

French produced Field and Mountain Artillery
75mm mle/1897 "French 75"
75mm US Army M1918 Caisson Limber for the “French 75mm”
70mm St. Chamond Mountain Howitzer     

US Artillery-Civil War Era
Woodruff Gun (1861)     
3.2 Inch Limber (Post-Civil War)         

US Anti-Tank Guns
37mm Anti-Tank (AT) Gun     
57mm Anti-Tank (AT) Gun
76mm T124 Anti-Tank (AT) Gun

GPW Ford "Jeep" used as prime mover for US 37mm AT Gun

German Anti-Tank Guns 
7,5cm. Panzer Abwehr Kanone (PAK) 1940

Japanese Anti-Tank Gun
47mm Type-1

French Anti-Tank Gun
25mm S.A.L. 1937

British Naval Cannon
9 Pounder Naval Carronade (1810 Era)






7,5cm PAK 40

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