15cm. schwere Feldhaubitze 1902 (15cm. s.F.H. “02)


15cm sFH 02 barrel & Breechring after sandblasting

This is the 15cm sFH 02 barrel and breech ring after sandblasting.  The barrel is out of the recoil cradle.  The guides for sliding along the cradle are under both the breechring and barrel.  This is the older 1909 sFH 02 with the Kaiser William Scroll in the collection.

15cm sFH 02

The wheels in this phonograph are only temporary wheels we use while the pieces are under going restoration.  In this way the original wheels are not damaged by sandblasting.  In other cases, when the original wheels must be rebuilt, the temporary wheels allow us to move the howitzer around until the wheel rebuild is complete.  The carriage is striped of the recoil cradle, barrel group, elevation mechanism, traversing mechanism, wheels and brakes for sand blasting.

15cm sFH 02 after sandblasting

This is the stripped carriage upside down to insure reaching all parts while sandblasting.

15cm sFH 02

The carriage after sandblasting and a coat of Ospho (to reduce any remaining rust).  A coat of red oxide primer has also been applied.  Red oxide primer was originally used by Krupp so it is used once again.

15cm sFH 02

These are the cheeks which hold the recoil cradle and barrel group.  The trunnions are an integral part of the cheeks.  The elevation rack (gearing) is mounted underneath the cheeks.

15cm sFH 02

The spade and locking/unlocking cam and handle.  The spade arrest the rearward movement of the howitzer during recoil.  It is locked underneath the carriage during transport and locked in a downward position during firing.

15cm sFH 02

The brakes and brake cable for the sFH 02.  The brake pads make contact with the wheels and the cables contract while wrapped around the wheel hubs for added stopping force.

15cm sFH 02

The brake lever handle, which contracts the cable around the hub and at the same time pulls the brake pads against the wheels.  This brake lever handle can also be pulled and pushed on and off by the riders on the limber.  This is accomplished by two lanyards.  One goes directly to the end of the handle and the other loops around the pulley and unlocks the handle.

15cm sFH 02

The recoil cradle, elevation and traverse.  The pivot point of traverse is visible underneath the cradle.  


sFH"02 Sightmount

We need a s.F.H."02 sightmount. Please contact lovett155@hotmail.com if you have one for sale or trade.

To see this 15cm sFH 1902 after the restoration


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