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WW1 Era German Field Artillery Identification Drawings and Photographs 

WW1 Era German Foot Artillery Identification Drawings and Photographs  

  German Development of the 10cm Heavy Gun   

German Development of the 15cm Heavy Field Howitzer  

Notes on German Shells May 1916

 Kriegsmunition der Schweren Artillerie

German Signals Equipment in the Field Artillery 

Fried. Krupp Export Material 1892 

Prussian Field Artillery Materials 1842 

Prussian Horse Drawn and Trains Materials 1860 

Prussian Fortification Artillery 1840s-1860s 

US Army WW1 Era Camouflage 

 Allied Artillery and Horse Drawn Equipment Identification Drawings

French 75mm mle/1897 Breech Block Drawings 

Period Photos of 75mm mle/97 Related Equipment in US Service in the WW1 Era  

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