Period Photographs of the US Artillery Vehicles

Above: Original photograph of an M1918 Caisson Limber with camouflage paint

Above: Original photograph of an M1918 Caisson with camouflage paint

Above: A 75mm mle/97 section from Battery "C", 16th Field Artillery at Fort Myer, VA in 1927

(Above) Although this is a fairly unpleasant photograph, it shows a camouflage painted US M1918 Caisson and Caisson Limber with the horse team killed in service in Europe in World War I. The orginal caption reads "Artillery Caisson in a German trap". Most photos show this equipment in a factory environment in the United States.  This is one of the few photos that clearly shows use in combat. US Artillery in the WW1 Era used a mix of US and French accompanying vehicles.

(Below) The photograph shows the French Caisson in US service. (Both photographs from History of the 55th Field Artillery Brigade)

From America's Munitions 1917-18, The table below indicates that thousands of US M1918 Caissons and Caisson Limbers made it to Europe before the end of WW1.





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