https://www.seedartillery.com/  This is Dave Seedenburg's   artillery restoration and manufacturing business web site. Seed Artillery has a great many capabilities to offer the hobbyist, park, or museum. He can cast small and large parts and has 3D printing and conventional wooden patterns. He can do small and large lathe and milling work including full cannon tubes. He has woodworking capability to include excellent wheelwright work. This is the most capable machine shop I am aware of actively accepting antique artillery related work.

https://landships.activeboard.com  Landships Forum" Excellent WW1 Artillery, Armor and Aircraft web forum site. This is likely the most developed and interesting site on WW1 Era Artillery in English Language. This is the link to the main page: http://www.landships.info/landships/index.html

http://forum.axishistory.com/viewforum.php?f=70&topicdays=0&start=0 Axis History Forum covering Fortifications and Artillery topics

https://forums.g503.com/viewforum.php?f=27&sid=f3fa0b6b762fd0032b23c1b4aa54eb34 G503.com Message Forums (Artillery) This is a vehicle forum but with a very good artillery and anti-tank gun sub-group

http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/ Wehrmacht/WW1 and WW2 German web forum. Optics, vehicles, and equipment

http://www.milweb.net/classifieds.php?type=6 Mil Web Classified Advertisements for Artillery

http://oldguns.net/catho.htm Heavy Ordnance Sales

https://www.gunbroker.com/ Gun Broker. Sections for Destructive Devices and Large Caliber Ammunition



http://theworldwar.org/ The National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri USA.  This is the only significant museum in the US solely dedicated to WW1.  It has one of the best publicly displayed WW1 Artillery Collections in the US

http://www.museumandcollector.com/ Matt Switlik's web site on Artillery and Artillery Safety related to American Civil War Era pieces

http://kelequineproductions.com/cavalrytack.html This is Dr. Karl Luthan's web site for military horse related movie props. This is a very impressive group that has done quite a lot of wonderful work in military movies over the years. Facebook page on the subject with contact information http://www.facebook.com/pages/Luthin-Karl-E-DVM/103205366413436

http://www.historicalordnanceworks.com/ Historical Ordnance Works. This is Tom Bailey's company doing artillery restoration and producing Civil War Artillery barrels, carriages, limbers, and caissons

http://www.johnsloughoflondon.co.uk/ John Slough's British Artillery Collection web site. An excellent collection with some pieces for sale in the UK

http://www.thegarrison.org.uk/ The Garrison is a UK based volunteer hobby group of historians whose passion is the Royal Regiment of Artillery. The group has three main sub-sections - field artillery, anti-aircraft artillery and a searchlight unit - and undertakes historical displays depicting various aspects of life in the Royal Artillery during the twentieth century. They operate a full battery of WW2 Era 25 pdr Howitzers along with support equipment

http://www.fortseclin.com/ French WW1 Era Fort Seclin web site. Didier Boniface's private collection of WW1 French Artillery is on display within this museum. Living History programs involve the artillery collection

https://www.hermann-salut.de/welcome/ Hermann Salutkanonen.   German manufacturer of breech loading and muzzle loading artillery that meet the legal requirements within Germany

http://www.buckower-kanoniere.de/Geschuetz.htm Buckower Kanoniere is a very interesting "Living History" web site on early Prussian Artillery


http://www.bulgarianartillery.it/ An excellent web site on Bulgarian Artillery from 1878-1918. This site is certainly worth a look also if you are interested in Ottoman, Serbian, French German and Austro-Hungarian Artillery because Bulgaria used many foreign weapons

http://www.kfzderwehrmacht.de/Homepage_english/homepage_english.html Excellent web reference web site for German WW2 Era Vehicles including horse drawn artillery vehicles. Horse drawn section http://www.kfzderwehrmacht.de/Homepage_english/Trailers/trailers.html

http://firstwartechnik.free.fr/D-menu%2520principal.html Fantastic web site covering many types of equipment associated with the German Army and other nations in the Great War.  The focus is on optics, and communication equipment.  It is in German language  

http://www.turkeyswar.com/ This is an English Language web site devoted to the Ottoman Empire in WW1. Equipment and Uniforms as well as military history subjects are covered

http://members.tripod.com/~nigelef/fc_1914-18.htm British Artillery web site. This one is excellent on British Artillery Fire Control Equipment for WW1 & WW2

http://www.fortiffsere.fr/index_fichiers/Page1918.htm French Artillery identification web site

http://www.moesslang.net/kanonen.htm Austro-Hungarian Artillery

http://canonspgmww1guns.canalblog.com/ "Canons 14-18" Web Site on WW1 Era Artillery that can be found today in Europe. Many great photographs. This is the perfect site to look over before a trip to WW1 European Battle Fields and Museums. Also, has photos and French Language description of the German and French WW1 Era Artillery of the "Lovett Collection" here in the US

http://www.passioncompassion1418.com/english_index.html English Language site from France covering WW1 Topics

http://worldwar-1centennial.org/ WWI Centinnial Commemoration web site

A Guide to Historical Reenactment: Authentic Depictions From Period La (wizardpins.com) A great sight on the basics of reenacting and what is all about. Thanks Noah.

http://www.poczytaj.pl/68753 Artyleria austro-węgierska w latach 1860-1890 by Łukasz Chrzanowski is an excellent Polish Language book on Austro-Hungarian Artillery. The book is extremely well illustrated and worth getting even without a reading ability in Polish

https://www.homeadvisor.com/r/illinois-civil-war-history/ Going along with the Woodruff Gun history, this web site is a guide to Illinois state history in the Civil War era


http://www.greatwar.com/ Great War Militaria. This is an excellent source for reproduction WW1 & 2 German Uniforms.  Most of the reproduction uniforms seen on my site are from Great War.  They also have many original items for sale.  This is one of the most knowledgeable groups in the US involved in WW1 Era living history, reenacting and collecting  

http://www.kaisersbunker.com/ Excellent web site on German WW1 Era Uniforms and Helmets

http://pickelhauben.net/articles/ Colonel J's web site primarily covers German Pickelhaube with a great deal of useful identification information especially on unit marks. This site also offers a number interesting articles on various subjects concerning the German Army of the WW1 Era

Original Pickelhaube, Helmet and other Imperial Headgears from 1842 to 1918. (ageofkingsmilitaria.com) Age of Kings. A very good sales site for Pickelhaube and other headgear

Imperial Germany & Weimar Republic: uniforms, spike helmets, etc. - Military Antiques (weitze.com) Helmut Weitze Militärische Antiquitäten KG. A very good sales site for uniforms and Pickelhaube

http://www.militaria.at/Default.aspx Verlag Militaria. This is an excellent publisher for books covering the World War 1 Era.  Subjects include the Austro-Hungarian Army, German Army, and the French Army. Most of the books give very detailed information and illustrations of uniforms and some equipment. "The Austro-Hungarian Artillery from 1867 to 1918" by Dr. M. Christian Ortner is excellent giving great technical details, photographs and drawings on this subject

http://www.germancolonialuniforms.co.uk/ Home page for Colonial German Uniforms


http://www.ospho.com/ Ospho, a metal treatment for restorations. I use this after sandblasting parts to eliminate all remaining rust and to inhibit additional rust from forming

https://evapo-rust.com/ Evapo-Rust. Rust Remover

https://www.hansonrivet.com/rivets/solid-rivets/commercial-solid-rivets/ Hanson Rivet Company


CW2 Dwayne Moore Memorial.  Fort Sill’s Memorial to Field Artillery Targeting Warrant Officer 2 Dwayne Moore

He was a fellow 131A Field Artillery,Q36 Radar Team Leader Killed in Action during a rocket attack on the FOB at Mahmoudiyah, Iraq 

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