US 1904 McClellan Saddle

Below: A basicly complete example of the M1904 Saddle. Notice this example does not have the D-Rings for mounting the M1916 Field Artillery Harness.

US 1904 Saddle

Below: Notice the twist in the stirrup leather is correct.

Side view of the M1904 Saddle

Below: The Quarter Straps, Grith and Stirrup.

Below: Close up of the M1904 Saddle seat without FA D-Rings.


Below: Notice the D-Ring mounted front of the M1904 Saddle to support the M1916 Field Artillery Collar. Also, the hook with leather strap on the pommel is to hold the Zink Pad in place.

D-Ring on the front for the Field Artillery M1916 Collar with Zinc Pad

Below: Notice the Rear Mounted D-Ring to support the Back Strap/Breeching for the M1916 FA Harness. This Rear D-Ring is only used with the Wheel Team.

Rear D-Ring for the Breeching strap for the M1916 Artillery Harness

Below: The Girth for the Wheel Team Horses. Notice the loop in the center of the girth. This is for the Martingale to link through. Only the two Wheel Team Horses would have a need for this girth type. The martingale allows these two horses to be able to back up the limber.

Wheel Team Girth

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