Guard Detachment Records

from the

Major Cooper D. Winn, 151st Machine Gun Group

The documents, within the LTC Cooper D. Winn Jr. group, appear simply be the last efforts he was concerned with while in Germany. The American Army of Occupation Era Operations Order and especially these Guard Detachment records indicate task that were likely seen as real drudgery at the time. Today, however, they can be rather interesting because they give some insight into the everyday life of an American Army of Occupation soldier.

Notice, these are not records for guarding Enemy Prisoners of War but instead for misbehaving American Soldiers awaiting their sentencing by a US military court in Germany. Some of the only prisoners mentioned by name are Private Thomas Perryman (Company B, 151st MG BN), Corporal Charles Keagy (Company K, 149th MG BN), Hiram J. Smith and D.C. Rosier

It is interesting to cross reference this booklet with the Roster of the Rainbow Division



































































































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