Lt. Col. David Read Evans Winn

4th Georgia Infantry Regimental Commander

and Cooper David Winn Jr's Grandfather

Below: (1 July, 1863-Gettysburg-The First Day) View from Oak Ridge and Reese's Battery lookin south at Gettysburg. Virginia and Alabama Artillery from this position supported Lt. Col. Winn's 4th Georgia Infantry during their charge into the Federal Infantry and Artillery along Howard Avenue just north of the town of Gettysburg. The red barn in the photograph is part of the Blocher Farm

Below: View from the Federal positions along Howard Avenue looking north at the Blocher Farm and the Confederate positions. Lt. Col. Winn was killed leading the 4th Georgia Infantry Regiment somewhere on this field. He was buried on the Blocher Farm until the 1870s. Apparently the Blocher family took the gold bridge dental work from his body and offered it back to Lt. Col. Winn's widow for a huge price

Below: Doles' Brigade marker at the former Federal positions

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