US WW1 Era, 114th Field Artillery, 30th Division Tunic

Below: Tunic of a Wagoneer in 114th Field Artillery, Tennessee National Guard, 30th Division (Old Hickory).  The tunic has a red discharge stripe and one overseas chevron on the left side and a Wagoneer patch on the right side.  The 30th Division patch is a circle representing the O for old and the sideways H for hickory, a reference to President/General Andrew Jackson. The XXX marks are the Roman numerals for thirty. 

Below: The 114th Field Artillery Regiment was a part of Tennessee National Guard.  The Wagoner's tunic most likely came from Supply Company.  Many of the men of this company were from Memphis, Nashville, and Clarksville

This is a link for the History of the 114th Field Artillery:;view=1up;seq=140


Below: Right side of the 114th FA tunic.  The Waggoneer’s Patch is sewn on midway up the sleeve


Below: Waggoner patch


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