US WW1 Era, 105th Ammunition Train, 30th Division Group

Above:  30th Infantry Division Uniform Tunic, helmet and chemical protective mask for Pvt Curvin Miller of the 105th Ammunition Train.

Above:  Curvin’s Cap, Canteen and Chemical Protective Mask

Above:  Curvin’s Shaving kit  

Above:  Curvin’s books including a History of the Fifty Fifth Field Artillery Brigade (30th Infantry Division) and York County and the World War 1914-1918

Although Curvin Miller was in the North Carolina Army National Guard, he was drafted as a resident of York County Pennsylvania

Above:  A photograph marked as Curvin Miller

Above:  A photograph found in the Curvin Miller Group without marking but the man on the lower right appears to be Curvin.

Above, Top:  Red Cross notice to Annie Miller (Curvin’s Mother) informing her that Curvin Miller’s ship arrived safely in Europe. 

Above:  An unmarked photograph found in the Curvin Miller group. 

Notice the “Son in Service” flag in the window. 

Above:  A photograph found within the Curvin Miller group marked “David Miller KIA”. 

David Miller was Curvin’s  brother and served in another unit from Curvin.

Above:  Curvin Miller’s Draft Notice with a 31 MAY 1918 reporting date.

Above:  Curvin Miller’s Discharge from Service indicating 12 April 1919 as his last day in Service.

  This is a 1960 dated document to replace the original


Above:  Curvin Miller's service record

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