US M 1918 Caisson for theFrench 75mm mle/1897

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Below: This is a front view of the M1918 Caisson box. Four thousand nine hundred fifty seven US M1918 Caisson of this type saw service in France during the last year of World War 1.

US M1918 Caisson box

Below: Side view,

M1918 Caisson side

Below Left: The pintle hitch and prop stand for the M1918 Caisson. Below Right: Brakes and axle brackets

Stand and Hitch for the M1918 Caisson Caisson Brakes and Axle Bracket

Below.  Photographs and color print from the American Car Foundry book illustrating the manufacturing process for American Limbers and Caissons.  The vehicles are painted “Two Color Camouflage” at the Detroit factory before being shipped to Army units. Notice that all the vehicles are painted in exactly the same pattern.  Also, the two colors consist of Green and Yellow with White and Black added as shades

American Car & Foundry Paint Shop for Limbers American Car Foundry Co. Color Print of a Camouflaged Caisson American Car & Foundry Artillery Vehicle Storage Yard

Below: Original photograph of the French 75mm with the US M1918 Caisson. Likley this photo was taken after WW1

French 75mm with the US M1918 Caisson

Below. US M 1918 Caisson for French 75mm mle/97 Ammunition

M 1918 Caisson

Below: Drawing of the US M1916 Fuze Setter which mounts on the M1918 Cassion

M1916 Fuze Setter

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