US Army WW1 Era Escort Wagon

























Above and Below:  US Army Escort Wagon with three original wheels added.  These wheels did not have rotten felloes.  The fourth wheel is a front wheel that was on the wagon originally, but with one eighth of a felloe section replaced along with two spokes


Above: One eighth of the felloe that was rotten removed and being replaced with a good felloe section and two good spokes

Above: The Model of 1901 US Army Escort Wagon or J-118 Escort Wagon. This example was in the vicinity of Camp Greene, SC so likely had a history with that installation. It is largely complete and all original. There are some issues with the wheels but I have replacement 57 inch rear wheels in good condition but will have to look around for the front 48 inch wheels. Both of the existing front 48 inch wheels have damaged felloes. I am missing the ridge pole, brakes, correct double tree and single trees and the spring seat. The under carriage is painted red by a farm suppy company in NC.  Overall, it is a good example and should be a comparatively easy restoration

Above: The seat mount for the Escort Wagon. The "US" marking is visible on the wagon bed, under the seat mount. The springs and seat itself are missing

Above: The tool box

Above and below: The tail gate and bed


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