Drawings to Identify

German Field Artillery & Foot Artillery

Below: Limber for the 9cm C/1873 Kanone. The 9cm C/73 Kanone is the only artillery piece that was in both Field and Foot Artillery service

C/73 Limber Drawing from "Deutsche Feld Artillerie Material von Jahre 1873"

Below: 9cm C/73 Limber

Below: 9cm C/73 Limber box

Below: 9cm C/73 Kanone and C/73 Limber (Protze) in Foot Artillery service

Below: 9cm C/73/88 Limber. Notice that it has a different limber frame and box from the C/73 Limber

Below: 9cm C/73/88 Limber with details I have added for the C/73/88 Limber box


(Top of page) C/73 Limber drawings are from "Deutsche Feld Artillerie Material von Jahre 1873"

(Middle of page) Drawing from "Das Geraet der Schweren Artillerie vor, in und nach dem Weltkrieg"

(Bottom of page) Drawing of the Limber Box is from "

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