Drawings to Identify

German Field & Foot Artillery

Below: 9cm C/1873 Barrel (1)

Below: 9cm C/1873 Kanone Carriage (2)

Below: A German 9cm. C/1873 field gun with crew. The artilleryman standing to the right side of the gun is holding an indirect fire sight (Richtkreis). The man sitting just to the left side of the gun is holding a fuze setter and a 9cm projectile. The officer appears to be holding a gunner's quadrant. Accept for the officer who is wearing a model 1915 tunic with cavalry boots, the crew is wearing white work uniforms

Below: 9cm Kanone 1873 with its Foot Artillery crew. the indirect fire sight is set over the breechring. Note that the 9cm C/1873 was in service with both the German Field and Foot Artillery

Below: 9cm Kanone 1873 damaged by counterfire


9cm. C/1873 Kanone in the Lovett Collection

(1) C/73 Limber drawings are from "Deutsche Feld Artillerie Material von Jahre 1873"

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