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German Field Artillery

Below: 7,7cm. l.F.K. 1896 n/A

Drawings are from the French Manual "Notions Sommaires Les Materiels Allemands"published in 1915

Imperial German 7,7cm. l.F.K. 1896 n/A
The 7,7cm. leicht Feld Kanone 1896 neuer/Art (light field cannon 1896 of the new pattern) was originally designed by the Fried. Krupp company with no recoil system, however, most were rebuild later by the Rheinmetal Company with a hydo-spring recoil system, spade and shield. With this re-build the l.F.K. 1896 gained the designation "neuer/Art". This rather dramatic change in design was prompted by the realization of the rapid fire capabilities of the French 75mm mle/1897 with its hydro-pneumatic recoil system. The 7,7cm. l.F.K. "96 n/A, like most German artillery, has a horizontal sliding wedge breech block. It fires fixed ammunition consisting of a primer train, shell case and projectile. Elevation and traverse are limited by the design of the trail. The gun is fitted with a folding shield and, a set of axle tree seats are mounted to the front made to seat two gun crewmen while the piece is towed. The 7,7cm. used a panoramic sight graduated in mils (0-6400) and a graduated sight-mount used to calculate quadrant (elevation of the gun barrel. The trail did not allow enough elevation so greater range was difficult to achieve. Field expedient methods where employed by the crewmen to increase range and a redesigned gun was pushed into service incorporating the carriage of the 10,5cm. l.F.H. 1898/09. The few guns produced of this type were known as the K.i.H. Following this effort, the 7,7cm. l.F.K. 1916 was developed as the replacement for the 7,7cm. l.F.H. 1896 n/A.





Barrel diameter 77mm
Length of barrel 2080mm (27 caliber)
Maximum recoil 1270mm
Weight of barrel 335 kg
Elevation -12 15/16° to +15 2/15° Traverse 4°
Axle width 1530mm
Wheel diameter 1360mm
Weight of carriage 635 kg
Weight limbered 1910 kg
Weight emplaced 1020 kg
Weight of shell 6.85 kg
Muzzle velocity 465 kg
Maximum range 7800 meters


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