German Field Artillery 7,7cm lFK Caisson

Below: A drawing of the Caisson (Munitions Wagon) for the 7,7cm lFK 1896, 7,7cm lFK 96n/A and lFK 16. A similar caisson was used for the 10,5cm lFH Caisson but it has only one vertical slat on the ammunition box whereas this caisson box has two vertical reinforcing slats

Below: The Caisson (Munitions Wagon) for the 7,7cm lFK 96n/A and lFK 16. Notice between the drawing above and below, there are variations between caissons with the brake handle and those with a worm gear and handle.

Note: the trail section (forward)is missing from this view

Below: 7,7cm Caisson Frame and Axle

Below:  A Wurttemberg Field Artillery crew alongside a 7,7cm lFK 96 n/A and its Caisson.  The armored shield is folded down.  The technical drawing shows some additional parts behind the seat rest that are not present in this photo

Above and Below: Orginal photographs of the 7,7cm Caisson


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