Drawings to Identify

German Foot Artillery

Below: 15cm. s.F.H. 1913, 15cm. lg.s.F.H.1913 and 15cm. lg.s.F.H.1913/1902 Limber (For the use with the howitzer only, not the caisson)


15cm. lg.sFH 1913 Limber drawing is from"Vorlaeusige Beschreibung Lang schwere Feldhaubitze 13 und ...13/02" published in 1935


Above: A German 15cm sFH 1913 being pulled by a six horse team and its Limber in a 1915 dated photograph

Above: German six horse team with M1925 saddles pulling a 15cm lg.sFH1913 with its Limber in a 1942 dated photograph


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