Drawings to Identify

German Field Artillery

Below: 10,5cm. l.F.H. 1898/09

Drawing from the French manual "Notions Sommaires Les Materiels Allemands"

Drawings are from the French Manual "Muse'e D'Artillerie I. Mate'riels".





Above: A great photograph of a German 10,5cm. l.F.H. 1898/09 battery. This is 10th Battery, 3rd Abteilung, 17th Reserve Field Artillery Regiment. A member of the unit was Cannonier Wilhelm Gaedert. He is identified as "Vati". This photograph was donated by Randy Gilbert.

To see the 10,5cm lFH 1898/09 in the Lovett Collection

To see the 10,5cm lFH Limber 1898 (Protze) in the Lovett Collection

To see the German, Prussian Field Artillery Harness and Saddles for a Six Horse Team

To see the10,5cm lFH 98/09 Ammunition in the Lovett Collection

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