Hessen Reserve Field Artillery Group




Above: Photograph of Gefreiter Achebach. His active duty service was in the Hessen 25th Field Artillery Regiment (Darmstadt), 1st Battery

Above & Below: Gefreiter Achebach group along with a Hesse pickelhaube, Field Artillery Saddle,Harness, M1888 Bridle, Kav boots, GEW 91 and a Reichs Revolver all from pre-WW1 German Field Artillery service

Below: Geftr. Achebach's tunic and framed picture. These two pieces and the pipe are original to the Gefreiter Achebach group

Below: Achebach's 25th Field Artillery Tunic with Gefreiter collar buttons

Below: Geftr. Achebach's 25th FAR Tunic Shoulder Board

Below: 25th FAR cuff

Below: Geftr. Achebach framed photograph. This was a gift from his active duty unit when he transfered to the reserve of the 25th FAR. A rough translation is:
The Artillery on foot and horse is always of the highest fame worth their word with the gun that sounds like thunder. Valid as lightning. In memory of my service period


Hessen Field Artillery Reserve Helmet

Above: The helmet is marked R.B.A. 18 for the Reserve Beckleidungs of the 18th Corps, which is primarily made up of Hessen units. Note that this pickelhaube was not originally part of the Geftr. Achebach group but is correct for his unit

Above: Hessen Field Artillery Pickelhaube and Geftr. Achebach's 25th FAR, 1st Battery Pipe

Above & Below: Detail of Geftr. Achebach's unit pipe marked to 25th Field Artillery, 1st Battery

Below: Detail of Geftr. Achebach's pipe marked to 1st Battery of the 25th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Battery plus his name and the names of his friends. Notice the Hessen Pickelhaube cap over the pipe bowel. The pipe stem is broken


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