GPW Ford "Jeep"


The GPW Ford was used by the US and her Allies for almost every task imaginable in the Second World War.  Among these was service as a prime mover for the US 37mm Anti-Tank Gun. The GPW continued service into the Korean War and also served airborne divisions as a prime mover for the US 76mm T-124 Anti-Tank Gun.

The GPW Ford is pictured in the former show room of Leon A. Lovett’s Ford Dealership from the turn of the century.  This is the building, now several generations later, used by Leon and Ralph Lovett to house our artillery and anti-tank gun collection.

GPW Ford

"Ford The Universal Car" was the logo for Ford Motor Company before World War 1.

GPW Ford

GPW Ford

GPW Ford


GPW and 37mm AT Gun

A well known historic photograph of an early "Jeep" towing a 37mm Anti-Tank Gun at high speed.  We don’t generally tow ours quite like this.

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