Foot Artillery Aiming Circle and Howitzer/Gun Sight


The German Foot Artillery 0-5800 scale is expressed (simplified) from the 0-5760 scale, which is graduated in a scale of one sixteenth of a degree. This aiming circle/sight was the primary system for laying Foot Artillery Howitzers and Guns from 1893 through approximately 1902. It was replaced with optical aiming circles and sights in the 0-5760 scale, however, this old scale was used as a "back up" sight/aiming circle in case the optical types were damaged. The three pegs seen on the breechring top of German howitzers/guns from 1893-1918 were present to accommodate this old sight type.

0-6400 sight/aiming circle

I have been very surprised to find that this aiming device was also later produced in the 0-6400 scale. Presumably, this would have served as the secondary sight from 1916-1945 (After 1918 with howitzers such as the 15cm. lg.s.F.H."13). I was unaware of this variant until recently acquiring one from Bill Horn's collection in Virginia.

0-6400 aiming circle/howitzer sight

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