Chinese Type-63 Rocket with Improvised Launcher

This is a Chinese 107mm Type-63 Rocket developed in the 1960s. This type has been exported world wide and is in production by other nations such as Iran. These are designed for use in both single tube launchers and multiple launch rocket systems. The Type-63 is often fired individually by militias and insurgent groups throughout the Middle East. This example is inert and the launcher is based on captured examples and photographs of the typical improvised launchers made in local shops. Notice that the elevation mechanism is an automotive scissor jack. The 107mm Type-63 is electrically ignited and has a range of 8.05 km (5 miles)  



Below: The five motor nozzles are canted to give the rocket a right hand spin during flight. This nozzle section is often the only recognizable part left after the rocket explodes  

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