Field Artillery Aiming Stakes

Photograph Below.  10,5cm lFH 1916 combination aiming stake and bore brush.  Also pictured is a lever for traversing the howitzer. 

German 10,5cm Light Field Howitzer 1916 Bore Brush & Aiming Stakes

Below: Two views of a German Field ArtilleryAiming Stake/Bore Brush.

Aiming Stake
Aiming Stake

Below. This is a photograph of a battery party.  The unit is equipped with 7,7cm lFK 1896 before the recoil system modification was made.  The gun’s Range Stake/Aiming Stake is on the floor.  In American service, the aiming stakes are always white and red.  I believe, in German service the color combinations for the aiming stakes varied.  In this way, one gun’s stakes could be distinguished from another. I also saw this to be true of Iraqi Mortar/Artillery aiming stakes (see the 60mm & 82mm mortar pages).  

7,7cm Aiming Stakes in a late 1890s Photograph

We are looking for German Artillery aiming stakes.

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