U.S.76mm T-124 Anti-Tank Gun

This US 76mm T 124 Anti-Tank Gun is based on a tank main gun.  These types were fitted onto light weight carriages for airborne service in the Korean War.  The T-124 was produced in very limited numbers (under-100) but it seems many of this number still exist as monument guns.  The sight and sight mount for this piece are missing

Above: The horizontal sliding wedge breech mechanism for the US 76mm T124

Above: Elevation and Traversing Hand Wheels. The trigger mechanism, directly behind the elevation wheel, is also visible in this photograph
Above: The US 76mm T124 with a Ford GPW in the background


Above: In this view, the camera is looking down onto the traversing wheel. The mechanism to the left of the traversing wheel can disconnect the traversing gear. With this pulled the barrel will free traverse 180 degrees

Above: The T124 with the barrel turned 180 degrees. In this way, the gun is put into travel position

Above: The barrel locking into travel position

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