60mm M70 Yugoslavian Commando Mortar


60mm M70 "Commando Mortar"

Yugoslavian 60mm M70 “Commando” Mortar

The M70 was marketed by YUGOIMPORT based in Belgrade.  It is a hand held light mortar used by Commandos and insurgents world-wide.  It uses the same ammunition as the older 60mm M57. These rounds are the M67 and M73.  Unlike the M57 mortar the M70 is a trigger or trip-fired mortar not drop fired.  The base plate is very small and rectangular in shape with a welded on socket. The mortar has a canvas hand-grip around the barrel to compensate for the heat of firing.  The sight is a simple vile level and rifle like “iron sight”.  The mortar-man can also use a cord tied to the sight mount marked with knots to represent the tube elevation for various ranges.  This cord, hanging down from the sight-mount indicates the correct elevation when the knot corresponding to that elevation is on the ground.

The 60mm M70s in the Lovett Collection are de-militarized to BATF specifications.

60mm M70 Commando Mortar


60.75 mm


7.6 kg

barrel length:

780mm muzzle to breech


-5 to 85 degrees

Max Pressure :

250 kg/cm2

Max. Range:

20-25 rds/min

Rate of fire :

1.35 kg

60mm Chinese Mortar Round

Chinese 60mm Round frequently used with the M70 Mortars


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