60mm M57 Yugoslavian Mortar

 MINOBACAČ 60 mm M57

60mm M57 Mortar

The Yugoslavian 60mm M57 Mortar was generally based on the design of the US 60mm M3 Mortar.  The breech piece, which is threaded into the barrel, has a ball fitting to mate into a rectangular base plate.  The mortar is a conventional drop-fired mortar with a fixed firing pin. The bipod has a cross-leveling gear operated by a threaded sleeve between one leg and the elevating gear. This is attached to the yoke, which carries the traversing screw and the shock-absorbing spring cylinders. The 60mmM57 is fitted with the NSB-3 sight. The sights are produced by ZRAK in Sarajevo, Bosnia http://www.zrak.ba/ others are produced in Iraq.

60mm M57 Data

Caliber                         60.75mm
Barrel Weight               5.5kg
Bipod Weight               4.5kg
Base Plate Wight          8.85kg
Sight                             1kg
Projectile                      1.35kg
Muzzle Vol.                  159m/s
Min. Range                   75 meters
Max. Range                  2,540 meters
Rate of Fire                  25-30 rds/min

Below: View of the 60mm M57 (De-militarized) and its NSB-3 Sight.

60mm M57 Commando Mortar

Below: Close-up of the NSB-3 Sight
NSB-3 Sight for the 60mm M57

Below: A second Yugoslav 60mm M57 in the collection. This one is "live" and registered with BATF.

Second Yugoslav M57.  This one is Live and BATF Registered

Below: Side view of the "live" Yugoslav 60mm M57.

Second Yugoslav 60mm M57 Live and BATF Registered


60mm M57 Bipod Pack, Spade Pack, NSB-3 Sight, Quadrant, Aiming Stakes, Cleaning Kit and HE Round

(top center) Cleaning Kit (right) Bipod Pack (center) Spade Pack (center left) 60mm HE Round (left) NSB-3 Sight and above it is the Quadrant (bottom) two Aiming Stakes

60mm M57 Mortar Round De-Militarized by EOD

Yugoslavian (Serbian) 60mm M57 Mortar Ammunition. De-militarized by EOD


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